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The most important features and functions of the dLibra system

[EN] 01. Storing Digital Objects

[EN] 02. Storing Digital Object Metadata

[EN] 03. Presenting Digital Objects

[EN] 04. Searching and Browsing Resources in the Digital Library

[EN] 05. The Multilingualism of the dLibra System

[EN] 06. The Mechanism of Planned Digital Objects

[EN] 07. Grouping Related Digital Objects

[EN] 08. Versionizing Digital Objects

[EN] 10. Controlling Access to the Stored Resources and Functions of the dLibra System

[EN] 11. Communication with Other Information Systems

[EN] 12. The Mechanisms of Consistency Control of the dLibra System

[EN] 13. Scaling the dLibra System

[EN] 14. The Extension Mechanism in the dLibra System

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