In order to remove an element:

  1. In the library tree or on the element list, select the element to be removed.
  2. From the context menu, select the “Remove” item (the icon). You can also select the “Remove” option from the main menu  or from the toolbar (only for elements selected on the element list). If the removed element is an object or a catalog which contains at least one object, you can type in the reason for removing the object.

There are two ways of moving elements. The first method can be used when two element lists are displayed in the Editor Application (see here). In order to move an element selected on one of the lists to an element opened on the other list, press the F6 key. Caution: If a large number of elements (for example, of a directory) is moved at the same time, the information update may put a huge load on the server. The second method consists in ‘dragging and dropping’ an element with the mouse (this method can also be used for moving elements between the element list and the directory tree).

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