The user guide for the dLibra system is divided into several chapters. The first three chapters are about the system in general, and they are for users who are unacquainted with the dLibra system or – in the case of the second chapter – for those who do not know the possibilities of the newest version of the software. Each of those chapters is devoted to a separate element of the system and can be treated as a guide for that element (for example, the editor and administrator guide). New users should read the introductory chapter (chapter one) and the chapter on the most important functions and characteristics of the system  (chapter three). The subsequent chapters are guides for particular modules and should be studied by people who use those modules (for example, editors should read the editor and administrator guide, especially the editorial part). It is not necessary to read the guides from the beginning to the end – they can be consulted when a particular operation is to be done (for example, when the user wants to create a new edition or change the server configuration). Nevertheless, we recommended becoming acquainted with the whole of the relevant guide (or guides) in order to get a general overview of the possibilities of the given module (or modules). It will make it easier to find relevant passages on later occasions.

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