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This extension saves and reads files in the XML format. The structure of the document is presented in the example below:

      <baseValue>Bolesław Prus</baseValue>
      <value>Aleksander Głowacki</value>
      <baseValue>Adam Mickiewicz</baseValue>
      <baseValue>Henryk Sienkiewicz</baseValue>

The root of the document is the <dictionary> tag. Inside, there are subsequent groups (<group> tags). Every group must conatin a <baseValue> tag with the name of the group (that is, its base value). Possible synonyms can be added in <value> tags.

Since the extension is very simple, it can easily be used for moving and copying the content of dictionaries within a library (for example, to another language or attribute) or among dLibra libraries. However, since the notation format is not a standard, any communication with systems of other types will usually require processing XML files with the use of additional tools.

The extension is not configurable.

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