In the Editor Application, there are two ways of finding an element:

  • searching for it on the basis of its bibliographic description or administrative notes or
  • searching for it on the basis of its identifier.

The first search option is available in the search window, which is opened by clicking the “Find…” option in the “Edition” menu. There are two search options in that window: by bibliographic description (which functions like the general search on the dLibra website) and by administrative notes.

To search for an element on the basis of its identifier, the user should select the “Go to...” item from the “Edition” menu, select the type of the element to be found (for example, a directory), and enter the identifier of the element. If the element exists, it will be displayed and selected on the element list. That search is also available from the toolbar in the Editor Application where the user can choose the type of the element and enter the identifier (the search is started up by pressing the “Enter” key).

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