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In the last step of the new object creator and the mass object upload creator, the editor can choose the “Send later” option. With that option selected, all information related to the object will be saved on the computer drive, and the creator will be closed. The object is not entered into the system (the object creation is postponed), so the editor does not have to wait for the object to be created (which takes especially long when the files are big). Such an object is placed on a special list of objects prepared for sending. That list is managed in the object sending window (see the image below), which is opened by selecting the “Send objects” position item from the “Tools” menu.


Object The object sending window

In the object sending window, on the left, there is a tree of objects prepared for sending. On the right, there is a set of buttons for managing the list. The “Up”, “Down”, “Home”, and “End” buttons are for changing the position of items selected on it. The “Remove” button is for removing the selected item (all information related to it will be irretrievably lost). Objects can only be rearranged and removed at the highest level of the tree (the list of subordinate object of a newly created group object cannot be changed).