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  • In order to assign metadata assigned to the schema required by the MDS system, the user must enter the RDF name of the attribute available in the dLibra system after the equal sign (for example, “creator = Creator”) Several attributes can be assigned (for example, “title = Title, Alternative”).
  • The content of the configuration file is divided into three sections: #Mandatory (mandatory), #Recommended (recommended), and #Optional (optional). The fields in the mandatory section always appear in the results metadata schema. If RDF attribute names are not assigned to those fields or if those attributes do not have any value for the given object, then the default value, "(:unav)", will be assigned.  In order to make sure that the mandatory fields are always filled in, the user may use the attribute view mechanism which makes it possible to configure the attributes required for creating an object description.
  • Metadata beginning from prefix relatedldentlfler can be created freely, on the basis of combinations of the type relatedldentlfier.{relatedIdentifierType}.{relationType} The values for {relatedldentlflerType} and {relatlonType} have been included in the file mentioned above.
  • Any number of assignments can be made for a metadata of the alternateldentlfler metadata type can be made, in accordance with the alternateIdentifier.{freeText} schema formula, where {freeText} is any value.
  • The publlcationYear metadata is required by the MDS, and its value must be a four-digit natural number (0000–9999). If the value is incorrect, the date of the creation of the object in the digital repository will be used.