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Below we describe the actions to be taken in order to transfer the reader application from one (computer) server to another. The servers can operate under the control of any operating systems. Also, it does not matter whether they are virtual servers or physical machines.

It is assumed that the domain name of the new server is identical with the name assigned to the old server.

Transferring the Reader Application and Data

Server configuration:


Source server

Target server

The type of the operating system



The location of the reader application



The location of the directory with the cache



The location of the directory with JCR



The location of the directory with the JCR to be restored



The location of the directory with the backup copies of JCR



The location of the directory with temporary files



The host IP address with the reader application

Before beginning the migration of the dLibra system, the target server should be configured in a similar way to the source server. First of all, Java Runtime Environment (JRE) – at least in version 1.8 – from the Oracle company (formerly Sun Microsystems) and a web application container (Apache Tomcat) must be installed, and connections must be enabled on the ports required by the dLibra system server.

  1. Disable the Apache Tomcat server with the reader application on the source server.
  2. Copy the reader application directory of the dLibra system server from the source server to the target server.
  3. Copy the directory with the cache, JCR, and JCR backup copies. The directory with temporary files and the JCR copy to be restored does not have to be copied.
  4. Update the configuration files:
  • c:\dlibra\dlibra-webapp-6.0.0\WEB-INF\conf\
    • serialization.path=c:\\dlibra\\webappwork\\cache
  • c:\dlibra\dlibra-webapp-6.0.0\WEB-INF\conf\
    • jcr.working.dir=c:\\dlibra\\webappwork\\jcr
    • jcr.restore.dir=c:\\dlibra\\webappwork\\jcr-restore
  • c:\dlibra\dlibra-webapp-6.0.0\WEB-INF\periodic.xml
    • for the pl.psnc.dlibra.web.comp.periodic.JCRBackupTask task

  • c:\dlibra\dlibra-webapp-6.0.0\WEB-INF\conf\
    • upload.temp.dir=c:\\dlibra\\webappwork\\upload\\temporary

If the IP address of the target server is changed, additional actions must be carried out. If the address is not changed, those actions should be skipped.

  1. In the database of the “SYS_SERVICES” table, update the values in the “SER_HOST” column for the record of the “ps” service.
  2. In the “c:\dlibra\dlibra-webapp-6.0.0\WEB-INF\conf\” file, update the value of the my.url to //” parameter.

If a distributed authentication platform is run in the reader application, its configuration should be updated. In this case, a fragment of the “Migrating the Configuration of a Distributed Authentication Platform” instruction from the Instruction for Updating from the 5.8 to 6.0 Version chapter will be useful.

The last step will be to install the reader application on the Tomcat server.

Once the actions described above have been perfrmed, we can run the reader application of the dLibra system on the new server.

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