In order to add content to a planned object:

  1. Select the planned object to which content is to be added from the element list.
  2. From the context menu, select the “Add content...” option.
  3. The creator for adding files to a planned object has four steps. In the first step, the user should indicate the object files, just like in the first step of the new object creator.
  4. In the second step, the user can enter additional information to be displayed on the web page and select the thumbnail – see the fifth step of the new object creator.
  5. The third step is the same as the sixth step of the new object creator – it makes it possible to enter administrative notes and decide whether the new edition is to be published.
  6. In the last step (see the image below), the content of the object can be sent to the server. In order to send the files selected in the first step, the user should click the “Start” button. The progress of the sending process is shown with the use of progress bars.

The creator for adding content to a planned object – sending the object files to the server

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