The Administration Panel

Opis panelu administracyjnego

The home page:

  • We can run the Editor and Administrator Application.
  • The “Updating the Editor and Administrator App” action should ONLY be called by a person who updates the Editor Application. the operation prepares the Editor and Administrator Application for running from the level of the reader application.


  • news” – that page contains the list of news and makes it possible to manage (add/remove/modify) the news displayed on the home page;
  • help pages” – the management of help pages; in the reader application of the dLibra system, there are three special pages:
    • “address” – by default, that page is used by the component which displays information about the institution (in the footer);
    • “about-dlibra” – that page contains basic information about the dLibra system and the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center; the existence of that page is one of the licensing requirements;
    • “default” – the default help page; it is displayed when the page specified in a user’s request does not exist in the system;
    • “search-help” – explains the meaning of the icons used on the page with search results;
    • “plain-content” – describes the mechanism of making content available for bots;
    • “example-page” – the sample help page linked by default in the “Information section;
    • “dc-desc” – describes the DCMES standard; and
    • "text-query-format” – the correct format for queries in the dLibra system.

  • reports” – a reader application which provides access to the following reports concerning the whole digital library:
    • the list of publications which are not accessible for the “public” user,
    • the list of publications with removed content,
    • the list of unpublished editions; and
    • the list of editions the publication date of which expires within 30 days; and
    • the list of publications which are not assigned to any collection;

  • information – content” – the management of the content of the “Information” section on the home page of the reader application;
  • www mechanism” – statistics related to the time of the operation of particular components of the reader application
  • browsers – access statistics for particular browsers; and
  • charts” – statistics of the digital library.

Some sections (help pags) allow export and import of pages in the XML format.

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