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See the description of the dataSource extension.

The source code of the plugin, together with comments and an instruction for development and installation, is here.

The plugin is in the  dcore-app-extension-ds-test directory.

The extension adds a new possibility to the new publication creator: the user can enter information about files with the use of a very simple form (see the image below).

The user can add up to 10 files in the form. The following information should be provided for every file:

  1. its URL – which can be an Internet resource, for example,, or a file on the drive, for example, file://C:/temp/publikacja.pdf;
  2. the path to the file in the dLibra system – usually, it will simply be the file name, but one can also add subdirectories to the path if the publication has a complex structure; the path in the dLibra system is independent from the previously given URL; the system requires that a path begin from a slash, “/”, and use that slash to separate directorie
  3. if the resource is local – if it is, then while creating a publication, the Editor Application will send the content of the file directly to the server, and if it is not, the server will try to download the resource on its own; Note: That property does not always mean that the URL points to a file on the drive. For example, it may happen that the URL for a file on the Internet must be marked as local – e.g. when the access of the server to the Internet is blocked and the content can only be downloaded via the editor’s computer. That principle also operates the other way round – a file on the drive can be marked as non-local if it is on a network drive which is connected on the server in the same way as on the editor’s computer, so it can be uploaded directly.

The Editor Application checks the correctness of the entered data, and if an error is reported for a file, the plugin will change the color of appropriate text fields to red.

Rows which are empty or are not filled in correctly will be ignored. Changes in the text fields of the form will apply after the “Enter” key has been pressed.

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