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The dLibra system consists of three basic modules: the server, the reader application, and the Editor and Administrator Application. Each of those modules must be installed properly for the dLibra system to be ready for users. The dLibra server module and the reader application module are installed on a dedicated hardware server (or a few servers). The dLibra server is used by the reader application and by the Editor and Administrator Application, while the reader application operates as a web server. The Editor and Administrator Application is a window application. It is installed on computers on which it is to be used, with the use of websites served by the reader application.

Detailed instructions for starting up particular modules of the system are given below.

  1. In chapter Starting up the dLibra System Server – for server of the dLibra system.
  2. In chapter Starting up the Reader Application – for the reader application of the dLibra system.
  3. In chapter Starting up and Logging In – for the reader application of the dLibra system.

When the dLibra system is started up, its particular modules should be started up in the order given above.

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