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This tool makes it possible to easily search for and remove from attribute dictionaries those values which are not related to any publication. The extension is built into the Editor and Administrator Application. It cannot be removed, and it does not require configuration.

In order to run the extension, the user should select its name in the “Tools” menu in the Administrator Application. There will appear a window with a question about the identifier of the attribute (see the image below) the dictionary of which is to be cleaned.

Wybór identyfikatora atrybutu

The identifier of the selected attribute can be read in the “Attribute” tab after it has been selected in the library tree. Once the correct identifier has been entered and the “OK” button has been pressed, there will appear the proper tool window (see the image below). A search for unrelated values in the selected dictionary is started when the user clicks the “Run” button. The operation can take a long time (depending on the size of the cleaned dictionary) – the current progress is shown as a bar under the button.

Okno narzędzia do czyszczenia słownika atrybutów

When the search operation has been completed, the unrelated values will appear on the list, in the lower part of the window. Every value belonging to a particular language is accompanied by a flag icon representing that language. Language-independent values are not accompanied by such an icon.

In order to remove a value from the dictionary, the user should select it on the list, click the “Remove selected” button, and confirm the decision. The user can also select more than one value (by holding the “Ctrl” key) or all values (by clicking the “Ctrl+A” key combination) and remove them at once. When the “Display the group...” button is clicked, there will appear a window with the list of synonyms from the same group for the selected value or for the first value from a list of selected values.

Once all unnecessary values have been removed from the selected dictionary, the tool window can be closed, by clicking the “Close” button.

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