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When the author of an already published content modifies/updates that content, it must be updated in the dLibra system, too – that is, the modified files must be sent to the server. Then, it will be possible to make the files visible in the library (for example, for the website user, after a new edition has been created on the basis of the uploaded files).

In order to send new file versions to the server:

  1. Switch the application to the advanced operation mode; then, open, on the element list, the object to which the new file versions are to be added; finally, select the “Object files” element.
  2. From the context menu, select the “Add new file versions...” function.
  3. In the creator for adding new file versions, select the directory (on the local drive) which contains the updated object files. That directory must contain the main object file. The object files not found on the drive are marked with the icon. The creator for adding new file versions chooses the files for updating on the basis of the dates of their modification and storage. By default, files modified after the most recent add/store operation are selected. That selection can be changed by selecting or deselecting appropriate items in the “Add” column. A new file can also be added with the use of the appropriate checkbox in the “Add” column. In order to go to the page for sending files to the server, click the “Next” button.

    The creator for adding new file versions

  4. In order to put the selected object files on the server, select the “Start” button. That process can be paused and resumed by clicking the same button again. Once the upload has finished, click the “Finish” button to close the creator window

The update creator – uploading files to the server


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