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The Possibility of Presenting Objects with the Use of the IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework) Standard

In version 6.1 of the dLibra system, there is a new possibility of presenting high-resolution presentation files (pyramidal TIFF) with the use of the IIIF standard, in particular, Image API and Presentation API. It means that objects are presented as an image gallery with progressive downloading. The mechanism is similar to that of maps (for example, Google Maps) – details are downloaded when the cursor comes near to a particular area in an image.

DOI (Digital Object Identifier) Generating Function

In version 6.1 of the dLibra system, digital object identifiers (DOI) can be automatically created for digital objects. That function has been developed in cooperation with the DataCite service. In order to use that function, the user must have an account in the DataCite system. PCSS is a member of DataCite and can create such accounts. Please contact us to agree on the details.

DOIs facilitate access to scientific data online, make them more acceptable, and support data archiving.

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