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Who Is This Instruction For?

In this instruction, the basics of the configuration and structure of the reader application in the dLibra system are discussed: the general elements and their operation, and sample solutions of the most frequent problems.

In order to do the actions described in this guide, the user only needs basic knowledge about the management of the operating system of the server on which the reader application is installed and about English.

Additional Sources of Information

Here is a list of links to websites containing additional information about the dLibra software:

  • – the official website of the dLibra project
  • – a portal with questions and answers concerning digital libraries, including questions and answers about the dLibra system.
  •– the official website of the dLibra project community. On the website, you can find:
    • user manuals for the Editor and Administrator Applications of the dLibra system,
    • additional translations of the user interface of the Reader Application, and
    • system update instructions for administrators.
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