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In the standard configuration, he the “Self-archiving” function is only available to those users for whom a home directory has been set. In  It usually suffices if a standard “User Publications” directory is chosen for that purpose, because objects created with the use of the “Self-archiving” function are not placed directly in the selected home directory but in a subdirectory with the same name as the login of the user who is adding the publication (that subdirectory is created automatically). In some institutions, it may be advisable to change that setting so that all users can add their objects.  For that purpose, the value of the “wwwPublicationAllowed” entry in file /conf/ms/ file should be changed to true. In such a case, for every user who uses the “Self-archiving” function but does not have a home directory, a subdirectory will be created in the “User publications” directory, and the created objects will be put thereThe result will be as if all users had the home directory set to “User Publications”. If subdirectories are to be created in another directory, the user administrator just has to enter its identifier in the “publicDirectoryId” value in the abovementioned file.